So….after a killer and awesome practice sesh with the always amazing Rachel and Sara, I have come to a few re-realizations about BODYCOMBAT 72:
1. The warmup is damn funky…but works oh so well
2. Track 4 is EPIC. Like bombs for your legs!
3. Track 5 is somehow kinda…easy compared to the most recent ones??
4. Track 7 is one of my all time faves. Period.
5. That conditioning track is cray.
6. Erin is not human…she does not sweat. This confounds me on so many levels…
Less than 2 weeks until Launch…yeaaaaahhh buddy!!


  • Was really energetically amazing to practice with you!!!! Chris you make me laugh…. especially on the core track when Sara and I stopped and you carried on (correctly)… shouting out ‘it keeps going!!!!’ And Sara, you definitely will rock that Muay Thai track….. I’m hungry now….. cake!!!!

    • It never ended!! Haha but you two gave me energy to carry on…so Thank you 🙂

      Sara is gonna kill it in Muay Thai!!

  • I agree with track 7…that combo can look so dirty if you make it! AND I was thinking the same about track five. Strength wise the push ups are slower so more intense but the endurance/lose-your-breath factor isn’t like that of 70 or 71. But that’s okay! Because you can focus on the explosiveness of the push touches 🙂

    • Yes exactly! Track 7 has a really good down and dirty factor that can be tapped into.

      You hit the nail on the head for track 5. Explosive push-ups and really grinding it out for the Sprint section too

  • And I can’t stop saying, “UP DOWN. UP DOWN”

  • Marina Abrahams

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:17 am)

    Totally agree about track 7…. going down as a mega favorite of mine! And I’m with you about track 5 being easier. The fact that it’s at least 2 minutes shorter than 70 or 71 I think makes it feel that way. And my abs were SCREAMING the first time I tried out track 9.

  • Kelly Carter Dietzel

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:19 am)

    Just to share a couple lessons we learned from our 2 launches so far – make sure you have different instructors showing the speed options of the floorwork in 1c and 5. And be ready to offer tons of coaching and options in 9. Last week, 6 different members complained to me about neck pain and some now refuse to do the track at all. I personally love the track but I get that it’s not a move that will work for everyone.

    • Kelly that is exactly our plan for both. The member variety is quite large for both spots I teach at so it has to be done.

      But interesting about track 9. Thank you for that! Will also keep that in mind

  • Yes! Sara and I definitely complained about the neck pain! We’re not launching with 1C because we need the additional time… this is a long release. Track 5 definitely….

  • Marina Abrahams

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:23 am)

    ^I’m launching it solo this Thursday. Thinking because it’s the first week of it, I may have everyone stay with the half tempo option in 1c, then we can progress the following weeks with the faster speed if they so choose. Gonna demo the options for T5 even before the track starts (I have a 45-second WAV of blank space with a warning beep when there’s 10 seconds to go — I use in between tracks for Pump all the time). Everything else I can coach as I go along. I appreciate Kelly’s comment about track 9!

  • Kelly Carter Dietzel

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:23 am)

    Chris Demko at first I was surprised to hear people had neck pain because I was distracted by the destruction of all the muscle fibers of my abs . But maybe it’s because people are using their neck and shoulder to drive the movement rather than initiating it from the core?

  • Kelly Carter Dietzel

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:24 am)

    Yes! I make myself giggle through the pain by trying to sound like Erin! UP DOWN!

  • I think that’s what we were doing Kelly (using the neck and not the core). 1st time through that track for me, and it’s a real killer.

  • Most likely that is the exact issue, Kelly. The speed of it all can fatigue the core quickly…and so the neck pulls

  • Kelly Carter Dietzel

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:33 am)

    Two of us launched in Summit and Berkeley Heights, so we were able to show fast and slow in 1c. It feels REALLY slow to stick with the slowest version of hip escapes in 5, so we both opted to go with the medium (4ct) speed option at launch. I’ll show the fast jump switch option eventually but I’m afraid because I’m so sweaty I know I’ll wipe out! Sweatless Erin I am not

  • Marina Abrahams

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:36 am)

    I have one peep with sciatica, and the fast jump switch option is out of the question for her, but I’ll definitely be doing the medium speed option while still offering slow or standing lunge twist (because I know there are at least a few who need the latter). And I understand the sweatiness! I get teased about it all the time

  • #crazysweatingpeopleunite

  • Sara Zeller Kirsch

    (June 27, 2017 - 8:56 am)

    So funny, Kelly, glad to hear I’m not alone on the neck pain! I know that I have a weak core, so that’s definitely why!

  • Marely Cheo-Bove

    (June 27, 2017 - 10:13 am)

    Okay, so when’s the next evening practice!? Because I want in on all of us practicing together!!

  • Marely!! Give me a few dates and we can make this happen!! Need ya on board

  • Marely Cheo-Bove

    (June 27, 2017 - 10:27 am)

    I can do Wednesday or Friday night this week. I work Wednesday at BH Y from 6-7 but as long as I’m already sweaty, I can meet afterwards. Next week, pretty much any night, except Monday because my class ends at 8:05pm.

  • Friday could work best 🙂 let’s give it a shot!

  • Sara Zeller Kirsch

    (June 27, 2017 - 6:32 pm)

    I can’t do another evening because with my ladies night with my neighbors Thursday, it’s too much! Let’s look at next week for me! You guys still do this week of course!

  • Juventino Torres

    (June 28, 2017 - 2:45 am)

    Track Seven is one of the best tracks by far. I had an awesome time having my kids do that track with me. My youngest is always asking me to play it in the car. He will sing it at the top of his lungs. And they specially love it when they dab in the DVD

  • Marely Cheo-Bove

    (June 28, 2017 - 3:27 am)

    Okay you Party Animal…next week for sure!

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